Lun Aol La Weng

Lun Aol La Weng

  • PG
  • 1987
  • 109mins
StarringYuranan PamornmontreePhen Phisoot่Wasanon WatanarodomSurasak WongthaiThe underdog 5-member-band lives in the same house and Bank (Yuranan) is one of them. One day, Bank gets a job offer as a model but he has to wear a clown outfit and that makes him upset so he complains to Prem (Phen Phisoot), the owner of the event. At the same time Bank’s friends quarrel with the boastful man (Sumo Tui) who’s a son of a rich man. They place a bet of whoever can win Prem’s heart, will get all money. Bank has to be a presentative of the gang but will Prem accept his heart since they had unpleasant impression to each other?