Until You

Until You

  • G
  • 2016
  • 109mins
StarringTran ThanhAn NguyWill 365Lily NguyenAdapted from the famous novel by Le Hoang- I’m not your dog ​​- The film revolves around a girl, whose life has experienced many miracles from a pen was given by an old woman in rags. Thanks to the pen, she (accidentally) turned a bandit into a dog whenever she wants. He was an evil bandit, but when turned into a dog, he’s nice and cute. Also, she (accidentally) becomes the girlfriend of her idol, they have had romantic days as in her fantasy, and she even saved his life thanks to the magic of the pen. The movies brings subtle message, that miracles will somehow find us every day. But there’s whether or not a miracle, we can still make this life more beautiful and better by choosing a positive attitude and knows how to love and forgive.