Phit Phayabat

Phit Phayabat

  • PG
  • 1975
  • 136mins
StarringSombat MetaneeNaiyana CheewananThisa and Danai trevel to Northern region. Thisa meets a beautiful Karens whose name is Porje and he’s falling in love with her and wants to get married to her but his mother has engaged him to Chantaeng. That makes Porje living as his minor wife.They try to defame Porje so she has to go back to her tribe. Porje’s dead while giving a birth to Kheyawee (Naiyana). She’s raised by Uncle Sordewee. Danai has a son whose name is Sila (Sombat) and he learns that he’s severely ill so he gives Sila to Thisa. Uncle Sordewee doesn’t want Kheyewee meets Sila since he’s afraid the rehappened history.