Best of What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Best of What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

  • G
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
Watch the best scenes from each episode of What's Wrong With Secretary Kim...
Season 1

13 Episodes
I Quit
1. I Quit
Will Yeongjun accept his steadfast secretary's resignation?...
My Best Replacement
2. My Best Replacement
Will Secretary Kim's replacement live up to her standard?...
Overnight Invitation
3. Overnight Invitation
Can Yeongjun overcome his nightmare with the girl of his dreams?...
That's An Order
4. That's An Order
Will Secretary Kim follow Yeongjun's order or will she defy him?...
Kindred Scars
5. Kindred Scars
Yeongjun has the same scar as his secretary. Could they have been in the same accident?...
Dating Workshop
6. Dating Workshop
What could be Yeongjun's motive for attending his company's workshop?...
True Feelings
7. True Feelings
Secretary Kim finally revealed her feelings to Yeongjun. Would it be enough?...
Business And Pleasure
8. Business And Pleasure
Can the new couple adjust to their office romance?...
Girlfriend's First Impression
9. Girlfriend's First Impression
Yeongjun tries hard to impress his girl's friends. Will he succeed?...
Office Spa Day
10. Office Spa Day
The whole department spent the day at the spa but one colleauge gets a special treatment....
Knock On Wood
11. Knock On Wood
It's bad omen to start off the day with a chip on the cup....
Obidient Boy
12. Obidient Boy
Yeongjun played truant, but it is his beloved secretary that paid the consequence....
Cat's Out Of The Bag
13. Cat's Out Of The Bag
The office catches rumour that Secretary Kim is dating her boss but can they prove the rumour to be true?...