• TV-Y
  • 2012
  • 1 Season
StarringNurfathiah DiazNur Sarah AlisyaYap Ee JeanDzubir Mohammed ZakariaAnas Abdul AzizMuhammad Fathi DiazYvonne Chong Shin VunWong Wai KayNizam RazakNoriman Saffian
Imagine a future where Aliens have invaded earth in order to harvest the earth's cocoa beans supply. Imagine that the only hope for humanity lies within a little boy named BoBoiBoy who wields an alien technology that transforms him into an amazing super hero. Join BoBoiBoy and his friends as they go on an adventure and battle against ridiculous aliens who have abnormally square shaped heads and a crazy addiction to cocoa beans. Though they are superheroes, they are still kids who always find a way to have fun and play games whilst upholding justice and doing good....
Season 2

13 Episodes
Welcome Back, BoBoiBoy!
1. Welcome Back, BoBoiBoy!
The season opens with a reveal of a new alien villain who purchases Adu Du's old spaceship from Bago Go the arms dealer. Meanwhile, Gopal, Yaya, & Ying are thrilled that BoBoiBoy has moved back to Pulau Rintis. However, Fang; the closed-off and mysterious student in their class, doesn't seem to like it. The next day Gopal warns BoBoiBoy not to take the route back home that passes by a rumoured haunted house....
The Haunted House
2. The Haunted House
After a spooky encounter in front of the haunted house, BoBoiBoy asks Tok Aba about it. He and the rest of the Kokotiam patrons share ghost stories with BoBoiBoy. Meanwhile, Probe informs Adu Du about the ghost in the haunted house, proposing some sort of an alliance with it. BoBoiBoy also suggests that Gopal checks out the haunted house in order to put the mystery to rest....
Physical Education
3. Physical Education
Now that Fang has been revealed to have powers as well, the rivalry between him and BoBoiBoy begins and is most apparent during Physical Education class. BoBoiBoy and Fang race each other but end with a tie. BoBoiBoy thinks it's over but Fang reveals that he still holds a grudge against BoBoiBoy due to what happened in the past. To put an end to the rivalry Papa Zola suggests that they fight it out peacefully in a football match. Adu Du finds out about this and decides to take advantage of the situation....
Football Fight!
4. Football Fight!
BoBoiBoy picks Gopal, Yaya, Ying, and Iwan for his team while Fang is stuck not even knowing how to play football. Fang's luck changes as Adu Du and Probe offer to join his team just to get their revenge against BoBoiBoy. To complete the team Adu Du brings two of his Football Robots to join which are obviously stronger than the kids. To make matters worse Papa Zola who is acting as a referee bans the use of superpowers and weapons in the game but Adu Du has a plan to cheat anyway....
Late For School
5. Late For School
BoBoiBoy gets up early to help out with Tok Aba's Kokotiam and learns some new things about the shop. Gopal is the first customer to arrive in the morning, Yaya's cookies are sold at the shop, and Fang is the person who buys it everyday. To find out why Fang buys Yaya's cookies and why Ochobot always faints when he sees Fang, BoBoiBoy and Gopal secretly follow Fang to school. It turns out that Fang takes a particularly dangerous route where a crazy alley cat attacks anyone who passes through it....
Giant Mini World
6. Giant Mini World
In the previous episode, Probe has shrunk the 3 boys to the size of mice but forgot to squish them as instructed by Adu Du. Fang and BoBoiBoy have to put their differences aside and work together to head back to Tok Aba's Kokotiam and ask for help but things that used to be small are now gigantic to them. On their way back, they will have to deal with the crazy alley cat which now appears 10 times as large. At the same time, Fang reveals why he has been buying Yaya's cookies all this time....
Emotive Chemical Y
7. Emotive Chemical Y
The kids finally confront Fang, asking him why Ochobot keeps fainting when he sees him and where he obtained his powers. Fang himself can't remember and as Ochobot's condition worsens, the kids grow to mistrust him even more. Just before BoBoiBoy and Fang start fighting, Adu Du interrupts and shoots them with a ray powered by Emotive Chemical Y, a rehash from the old formula in Season 1. This makes all of the kids have different extreme emotions, causing quite a ruckus. The kids will need to control their emotions and head to Adu Du's Boxy Bunker to turn themselves back to normal but Adu Du has already prepared traps for them....
Fang & Ochobot's Secret
8. Fang & Ochobot's Secret
While on the way to Adu Du's Boxy Bunker, Fang gets visions of the blank parts of his memory regarding how he meets Ochobot and how he eventually got his powers. A flashback scene reveals that Adu Du and Probe had tricked Fang in order to capture Ochobot, but Fang felt guilty and helped Ochobot. At the same time, the kids need to get through each and every one of Adu Du's traps to find the antidote to their condition as they are still infected by Adu Du's chemical ray....
Mornings with Mr Probe & Adu Du
9. Mornings with Mr Probe & Adu Du
As a season recap episode, Probe suggests to Adu Du that they make a televised broadcast entitled, 'Mornings with Mr Probe & Adu Du' to spin tales about how BoBoiBoy is a terrible superhero. Among the guests of the show include a victimized Adu Du and a naïve Papa Zola....
First Contact
10. First Contact
The episode begins with Ejo Jo finding out from Adu Du's old spaceship about Earth, Ochobot, BoBoiBoy and his friends. He travels to their solar system and contacts Adu Du who recognizes Ejo Jo. Ejo Jo is revealed to be Adu Du's old childhood rival and Adu Du tries to convince him not to come to Earth by telling exaggerated stories of BoBoiBoy and his friends. However Ejo Jo is convinced that the kids have not even reached the full potential of their powers, which he wants to obtain for his own selfish needs....
Pop Quiz Season
11. Pop Quiz Season
Papa Zola surprises the kids with a Pop Quiz after school, much to the dismay of the kids. Meanwhile, Adu Du is anxious about Ejo Jo's arrival but Probe suggests that they defeat BoBoiBoy and grab the gang's powers before Ejo Jo arrives. Adu Du decides to take advantage of the Pop Quiz and disguises himself as a one of the students in class in order to disrupt the test with the help of a Weather Machine....
Ejo Jo Attacks!
12. Ejo Jo Attacks!
Ejo Jo arrives and demands the kids to fight him but Adu Du tells Ejo Jo to get lost. Angered, Ejo Jo sends his Destroyer Robot to attack Adu Du but Probe comes and defends him. A terrible battle ensues between Probe and the overpowered Destroyer Robot, resulting in a fatally damaged Probe. The kids are able to save Adu Du but due to the strength of the Destroyerer Robot, they are forced to retreat....
Goodbye Probe
13. Goodbye Probe
In the previous episode, Ejo Jo has captured some of BoBoiBoy’s friends, class mates, and Papa Zola. Now all that's left for him to capture is BoBoiBoy, Fang and Ochobot who are hiding in Adu Du's boxy bunker. Adu Du reveals that he has lost the will to fight after Probe's demise and leaves BoBoiBoy to fend for himself. In secret, he informs Ejo Jo where the kids are. Ejo Jo arrives with his Destroyer Robot but BoBoiBoy and Fang are more than ready to fight him....