Elements Live At The Iconic

Elements Live At The Iconic

  • TV-G
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishDirectorQuark HenaresKevin MayugaQuintin Cu-Unjieng
Live performances of songs produced by young talented artists with renowned local and international mentors....
Season 1

10 Episodes
Bea Lorenzo
1. Bea Lorenzo
A song about choosing one's battles, "Ili (Hush)" marks up and coming Bea Lorenzo's distinctive experimental music that mixes her soulful chanting with organic and electronic elements....
Julz Savard
2. Julz Savard
Julz Savard brings the vulnerable and the feels with "Infatuated", an exploration of one's affection as it develops from one look to varying degrees of openness....
Keiko Necesario
3. Keiko Necesario
A song about the inner battles of a carefree heart, singer-songwriter and brand ambassador Keiko Necesario's "Blithe" embraces the audience with otherworldly beats and her distinctive vocals....
Leanne & Naara
4. Leanne & Naara
Musical duo Leanne and Naara croons a remedy to all sorts of emotional turmoil with "LMNOP", a captivating neo-soul piece on songwriting as a crucial channel for escapism and expression....
Trisha Denise
5. Trisha Denise
One of the younger singer-songwriters of the next generation, Trisha Denise colors innocence with electronic hints in "Sweet Like Honey", about that hesitant moment before diving into a relationship....
6. Ben&Ben
"Ours" is a unique collaboration between indie folk and pop band Ben&Ben with American R&B producer HARV. The song fuses Ben&Ben's signature sound with HARV's style, making "Ours" Ben&Ben's brief yet worth creative getaway....
7. Vera
R&B/pop singer, songwriter and actress VERA treats us with a comeback after an extended hiatus from music with the sensual and live-in-the-moment vibe, "Fine"....
Kat Agarrado
8. Kat Agarrado
Pinoy Soul Movement key player Kat Agarrado brings her trademark grooves with "You Got Me Trippin'", an examination of one's insecurities and worthiness before one great love....
Nar Cabico
9. Nar Cabico
Singer-songwriter and actor Nar Cabico rallies the fearless message of "You Won't Stop" to the mainstream and captures the audience's attention with its catchy beats....
Reese Lansangan
10. Reese Lansangan
Reese Lansangan treats her fans and music lovers alike with "The Chase", a whimsical reflective piece on bad decisions in love and relationships....