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Follow Alana Australia

Follow Alana Australia

  • TV-G
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishStarringAlana NicholsDirectorLi Kuo-Hao
Follow Alana is a series of travel show hosted by Alana Nichols, who was born profoundly deaf but now became a fluent speaking host. Each episode, Alana embarks on a journey to explore the stunning scenery, different lifestyle, and unique culture of each destination. Alana meets many interesting people along the way and witnesses how they cherish things around them. She also encourages everyone to build a loving and sustainable relationship with the nature and the environment we live in....
Season 1

14 Episodes
First Encounter with Brisbane
1. First Encounter with Brisbane
Alana will take you on an adventure in Queensland, Australia. The first stop is the capital, Brisbane. Alana gets on a boat to find out the city development along the riverside. She also climbs up Story Bridge to get a better view of the city....
Exploring new Heights
2. Exploring new Heights
In this episode, Alana appreciates Brisbane in different heights. She takes a hot air balloon in the early morning; experiences rappelling at Kangaroo Point Cliffs; visits the vineyards and enjoys the night view on Mountain Coo-tha....
I Try, I Fly, I Slide
3. I Try, I Fly, I Slide
“Live a little, have some fun” is what Alana believes in. She lives up to it by experiencing jet boat, iFly and treetop challenge in Gold Coast area. Follow Alana to try various activities on land, sea and air!...
Wild Interaction
4. Wild Interaction
Alana strolls in the rainforest and goes to an artificial cave to see the rare Glow Worm. She learns how Australian government makes an effort to protect the nature and, in the meanwhile, educates the public. Tune in to watch those fluffy Aussie signature animals!...
A Trip Down Alana's memory Lane
5. A Trip Down Alana's memory Lane
Alana often visited Australia when she was little; thus, she has many wonderful memories here. A park, a training of circus arts, an Aqua Duck boat ride, or the pelican feeding could all bringing her back to her childhood memory, and make her a stronger adventurer....
Moreton Island: Sandy Getaway
6. Moreton Island: Sandy Getaway
Moreton Island is known as Sand Island. It has very few residents but it’s the habitat for a variety of native species. There are a lot sand activities you get to experience too! Let’s go!...
Moreton Island: Under the Sea
7. Moreton Island: Under the Sea
After exploring the sand area in the previous episode, Alana finally gets the chance to soak into water! She not only takes a transparent kayak to visit Tangalooma shipwrecks, but also gets the chance to interact with wild dolphins!...
G'Day on the Farm!
8. G'Day on the Farm!
How could Alana miss the chance to experience Aussie farm life? In this episode, she visits her friends living in a farm who are self-sufficient and get along with wild creatures harmoniously. We will get to know their way of living....
Whitehaven Beach
9. Whitehaven Beach
The Whitsundays islands glitter at the center of Great Barrier Reef like 74 pearls. Within them, Whitehaven Beach is hailed as one of the most beautiful beach in the world. Alana is taking you to enjoy the stunning white sand and blue water now!...
Spending a Night on the Great Barrier Reef
10. Spending a Night on the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is full of surprise. Alana flies over it on a helicopter and see all different shades of blue below. Also, with the help of “Seabob,” Alana is able to swim with a swarm of fish freely together. Join the incredible journey with Alana!...
Lady Elliot Island: What a Lady!
11. Lady Elliot Island: What a Lady!
Alana visits the least crowded paradise on earth –Lady Elliot Island. Except for corals, it also owns a great variety of birds and marine creatures. Lucky enough, you will get to see the little sea turtles crumbling into the sea during night time....
Wild Adventures, Wild Creatures
12. Wild Adventures, Wild Creatures
Alana arrives in Cairns, a tropical and post-colonial city, and she is ready to see those famous creatures here! Here, Alana will visit bats hanging on the trees, crocodiles hidden under the water and wallabies waiting for food. Let’s follow Alana!...
Jumping into the Dream
13. Jumping into the Dream
After Alana experienced a series of excited activities such as abseiling, cliff jumping and rock sliding in Berserker Mountain Range, Alana will visit Paronella Park to appreciate the Catalonian style castle and the precious light show....
Into the Rainforest
14. Into the Rainforest
In this episode, Alana takes Skyrail Cableway and Scenic Railway into the rainforest to appreciate the extraordinary works that Mother Nature gives. Also, she seizes the last day in Australia to dance with Tjapukai warriors....