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  • TV-Y
  • 2016
  • 3 Seasons
DirectorWoody Woodman
'Insectibles’ follows the adventures of a young boy named Zak, his inventor Grandfather and 3 mechanically enhanced insects as they embark on an epic search to find pieces of the broken ‘Shrinkinator’ - the faulty prototype that shrunk our heroes during a botched testing phase. Can they find the pieces and return home, all the while evading the clutches of a maniacal Mosquito and her evil underlings? Zak has managed to find the adventure of a lifetime, literally in his own backyard!...
Season 1 2 3

20 Episodes
1. Skrinkinated
When Zak visits his bug scientist (entomologist) grandpa he inadvertently activates the experimental SHRINKINATOR and wakes up bug-sized in a human sized world....
Size Matters
2. Size Matters
Zak trains to be an "Insectible" and goes on his first hunt for a lost Shrinkinator part which results in his falling into Adilla's trap....
Tale Of The Headless Zombie
3. Tale Of The Headless Zombie
When Chowser tries to convince the team he's seen a giant decapitated zombie, the gang is dragged in to a harrowing adventure that almost makes them lose their own heads....
The Defraudables Part 01
4. The Defraudables Part 01
The Insectibles name is being sullied across the yard as a group of lame knockoffs travel from village to village committing crimes while pretending to be Zak, Willow, Syd and Chowser. The team has to find these felonious fakes and put an end to their reign of slander....
Pleasure to Serve You
5. Pleasure to Serve You
When Zak takes advantage Chowser's admiration he gets a taste of his own medicine when some ants make him Chowser's Hand Maiden. When Zak fears the ants plan to eat Chowser he has to save his best bud from the lap of luxury....
Height Of The Living Dread
6. Height Of The Living Dread
Willow has to overcome her fear of heights, when she gets snatched by a magpie and taken to its nest. The rest of the Insectibles will have to find a way to rescue her and to get an important Shrinkinator’s part....
All Day Suckers
7. All Day Suckers
When Adilla tricks a human kid into dropping a giant lollipop in the yard, the Insectibles have to stop the onslaught of sugar-crazed ants getting themselves stuck to it without getting caught themselves...
8. Sappy
Zak and Lidia explore new challenges in coexistence when when they find themselves physically stuck together by some sticky tree sap....
The Old Switcheroo
9. The Old Switcheroo
Grampa's invention of a growth formula turns out to be a brain switching potion instead! Adilla steals the formula after Zak and Grampa have already switched bodies and, not realizing its true effects, ends up switching bodies with her henchmen! A problem like this will require a lot more brain-switching before everything's sorted out...
Hail The Great Glow
10. Hail The Great Glow
A primitive tribe of flies is discovered by the Insectibles. They welcome Willow, to be the guest of honor. Little do we realize it's to become a sacred sacrifice to their god -- a big backyard bug zapper....
Enter The Mantis
11. Enter The Mantis
Separated from his team when they are captured by Hye and Lo, Zak turns to help from a praying mantis kung-fu master... who harbors a BIG secret....
The Rules Of Attraction
12. The Rules Of Attraction
The Insectibles are thrown for a loop when they encounter a bar magnet in the Yard - set as a trap for them by Adilla. Thanks to Grampa's tinkering, the magnet causes some unexpected chaos as they're carted to Adilla's tower by Hye and Lo....
Night Of The Spore
13. Night Of The Spore
Zak is faced with an apocalyptic problem as his team turns into brainless zombies during their trek through the mushroom patch. Zak is forced to team up with Adilla to find a solution to the strange plague, all while defending themselves against the approaching horde inside an old water pistol....
Last Ant
14. Last Ant
An insane black ant is sure that an ant armageddon has taken place and red ants are after him -- and he thinks Zak and the Isectibles are red ants....
The Show Must Go On
15. The Show Must Go On
The Insectibles pretend to be a group of actors in order to gain entrance to the roach's base camp and retrieve a Shrinkinator part. But Zak's delusions of acting grandeur - and a surprise visit from Adilla - ends up turning all of their plans into an off-Broadway blunder....
The Roach Infiltration
16. The Roach Infiltration
Zak goes on a daring but comically misguided mission to disguise himself as a roach and go undercover. Things take a turn for the worse when he finds he has to go through Roach Boot Camp....
Gnat In The Hat
17. Gnat In The Hat
The team brings Gnat back to the shed after finding him unconscious by a blown fuse box. As Gnat is nursed back to health while Gramps works on the Shrinkinator, the team investigates a mysterious wire leading into the yard. But what does it lead to?...
Rainy Day
18. Rainy Day
Zak gives Chowser a "lucky locket," which backfires when Chowser decides to confront a rampaging spider....
Pink Menace
19. Pink Menace
Willow, determined to prove she can take care of herself, gets trapped under a glass still bearing traces of pink lemonade. High on sugar and running out of time as the glass heats up, she finds she needs the help of her friends... just as they need her quick thinking to get her out in time....
Pants Of Doom
20. Pants Of Doom
A small lens trapped in the waistband of Gramps' full-sized underwear hanging on the clothesline becomes a destruction ray when the sun hits it....