Go Go Giwas

Go Go Giwas

  • TV-Y7
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
SubtitlesEnglishDirectorYi-Feng Kao
"Go Go Giwas" integrates both indigenous cultures and scientific knowledge to help young viewers develop their interests in understanding the Indigenous cultures and spontaneously learn scientific concepts included in the Indigenous life-wisdom and knowledge at the same time....
Season 1 2

13 Episodes
The Ancient Battle Field
1. The Ancient Battle Field
In the Flying Squirrel Tribe, the mrhu, Dola announced that there would be an archery competition for the boys. Giwas, who dreams of becoming the mrhu of her tribe is devastated that she cannot compete. Her good friend Behuy and her pet Nainai went with her into the mountain forest for distraction. They found an abandoned ancient battlefield accidently and played there until dark......
Giwas’s Father is Fuming
2. Giwas’s Father is Fuming
Giwas assumed that her father, Dola, hid her bow so she got angry with him, running away from him to the ancient battlefield. Giwas and Behuy helped Bayan to clean up the collapsed hunter's shack. They discussed about the origins of earthquakes. What's more, they found the river had turned into a hot spring with Nainai was enjoying a soak!...
Treasure Hunt
3. Treasure Hunt
Behuy found a piece of cloth with strange patterns woven on it on the way he and Giwas headed to the ancient battlefield. Bayan told them that those patterns are Atayal numbers since Behuy keep seeing it as a treasure map. Bayan shared fruits with they since there are so many of them. They learned how multiplication and division works and had a good time in this afternoon....
Where is the Fish Trap?
4. Where is the Fish Trap?
Giwas stole her father’s bamboo fish trap to place in the river with the hope to catch some extra fish to surprise Dola. But a strong storm came in the night, and when Giwas rushed to the river the next day when the rain stopped, the bamboo trap was nowhere to be found. Bayan decided to help Giwas to look for the trap when he found that Giwas was really upset....
Let's Build a Bridge
5. Let's Build a Bridge
Giwas and Behuy broke the bridge accidentally while they were competing to see who can cross the bridge in the fewest steps. Giwas felt guilty due the the game she suggested they played had let Behuy get hurt. Giwas and Bayan built a sturdier bridge together to make Behuy feel safe crossing it again once he recovered from his injuries....
So Small You Can't See
6. So Small You Can't See
Giwas and Behuy brought a small black puppy to the ancient battlefield and named it "Nalu". Bayan shared his story with the kids that he had once raised a puppy and had some bad memory about the puppy got hurt. However, he'll help the kids to clean up the puppy and found somene to keep it. After spent a lovely afternoon with the puppy, he changed his mind......
Nainai’s Sweet Potatoes
7. Nainai’s Sweet Potatoes
Giwas yelled at Nainai since he stole the sweet potatoes from home and he just can't eat them all. Knowing the situation, Bayan suggested that they ask Lawa to teach them how to build an underground storage room to keep the sweet potatoes fresh for a long time!...
The Acorn Spinning Top
8. The Acorn Spinning Top
Dola taught Giwas the way to play the spinning top well. In the other day, Dola found Giwas in the forest and ask her to come back home. Since Giwas wanted to play outside for a while, Dola suggested that they use pihaw oak spinning tops for one final match to decide if she need to go home right now or now. Bayan told the secret of playing spinning top to Giwas so that she can won the battle....
Colors of the Rainbow
9. Colors of the Rainbow
As Giwas was trying to help Behuy come up with a method to remember the colors of the rainbow, they accidentally found a rainbow across the waterfall. Bayan explained to them that the rainbow was came from the refraction of light, different wavelengths of light create different refraction angles which causes color dispersion....
Where Does Water Come From?
10. Where Does Water Come From?
The water in the bamboo pipes at the hunter’s shack stopped flowing. Giwas and Behuy tried to figure out why the water stopped by following the pipe up the mountain. But no matter how hard they tried, they just can't fix the problem. Bayan explained the communicating pipes principle to them....
Black and White Magic
11. Black and White Magic
Lawa took a bucket of blackish-grey water that looked like mud and asked Giwas to wash nuka threads in the water to bleach them. Giwas followed her mother’s instructions and feel surprised that the nuka turned white after washing! Behuy ran to find Bayan when he discovered that Giwas could do the magic!...
Eternal Warmth
12. Eternal Warmth
Giwas, Behuy, and Nainai accidently found Bayan collapsed sick on the ground in the forest. The two children decided to take care of Bayan, so they went home and brought food and blankets to the ancient battle field. At dusk as the temperature was dropping, they tried to start a fire for warmth, but no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t manage to light one....
Hello, Chief!
13. Hello, Chief!
While Giwas tried so hard, waving a beautiful cloth to be qualified for the facial tattoos in the future, a giant wild boar suddenly stormed into the village! Giwas use the Law of Inertia that Bayan had told to them to solve this village crisis. Everyone got surprised, smiled and said that maybe Giwas really can become the mrhu and lead her people in the future....