Love Is In The Wild

Love Is In The Wild

  • TV-G
  • 2012
  • 1 Season
DirectorLaurent Charbonnier
Eat or be eaten is not the only law in nature. All species, be they predators or prey, are eventually looking for the same thing: a partner to pair and give life... In other words: love. But as among humans, the path to it can be long and tricky. One must go through a succession of well-organized rituals, which are very rich, subtle and diverse among species. Whether funny, unusual, astonishing, violent or tender, animal rituals are always a mirror of human behavior ! From the Australian bush to the forests of Europe, embark with us on a spectacular journey around the globe, to discover some of the most extraordinary love stories....
Season 1

4 Episodes
A Monkey's Lifenow playing
1. A Monkey's Life
At first sight we could think that all monkeys have pretty-much the same habits and occupations: eating, sleeping, removing lice from each other, quarelling over everything. But if we take a closer look, we will discover the subtle differences between species... Differences in their lifestyles, social relations, eating habits as well as in their sexual lives. This documentary follows four families of primates in their ordinary routine activities : Baboons in Kenya, Barbary Macaques in Marocco, Macaques in Japan and Orangutans in Borneo. This film will tell us about their lives through a puzzle of little stories put together into the great history of monkeys....
One Day In Australia
2. One Day In Australia
Australian landscapes are among the oldest in the world. It is due to the geological history of our planet and to the continents' movements. Since it remained isolated from the rest of the world for fourty million years, this huge island has a unique flaura and fauna : most of the species can not be found anywhere else on Earth. Such a rich wildlife is worth a visit....
One Day In The Forest
3. One Day In The Forest
As spring begins we are longing for the countryside. Greenery and birds singing, the smell of flowers, fresh air, tender light, this is what we really need. So, let's go, let's follow the outland road to the woods and fields to see how nature is coming back to life. What is the very first clue, the most obvious sign that spring has arrived? The birds singing. It's them we're going to hear from the first seconds of the film and right after we're going to observe them in their most important activities of the year: seducing each other, mating, creating nests. Tits, Coots, Grebes, Mallards, Hen Harriers – all of them will be on stage! Just before, let's take a little walk in the wood to meet one of its most fabulous inhabitants: the Red Deer....
One Day In The Savannah
4. One Day In The Savannah
The African Savannah: a world where predators reign mercilessly, where herbivores are constantly trying to escape from danger. This image seems obvious to us. However, be they predators or preys, all these animals also spend a lot of time maintaining social relations. Eat or not to be eaten is not the only law in their existence. Their life is much richer than we could ever imagine. We are going to realize that by spending one day by their side in the Masaï Mara nature reserve, in the South-West of Kenya....