SubtitlesEnglishMalayIndonesianStarringVladimir EpifantсevAnastasiya VedenskayaPavel KlimovSergey VekslerIvan KraskoSergey BadyukDirectorAleksandr Anshutz
Former soldier Shamanov arrives to a small town to meet his old friend but accidentally finds out that the locals live in fear for their lives. He can’t stand apart and decides to oppose the vicious authorities of the town…...
Season 1

4 Episodes
The Shamannow playing
1. The Shaman
Andrei Shamanov "Shaman", a former elite fighter, comes to a small town to visit an army friend. In this town, crime has long been defeated, to the credit of the police chief, Major Gavrilov. Gavrilov keeps the residents in fear, collects taxes from them and is convinced that he acts for the benefit of the town. When Gavrilov attempts to rape a girl, Nastya, the Shaman must step in....
Shoot To Kill
2. Shoot To Kill
Gavrilov throws all his forces into chasing the Shaman. His first attempt is unsuccessful. Ordinary policemen lose confidence that they should pursue the Shaman as some are afraid for their lives and others doubt the legality of what is happening. Shamanov does not want to kill anyone, but Gavrilov has ordered the police to shoot and kill. The exciting pursuit continues....
3. Wounded
The wounded Shaman is discovered by Nastya's grandfather. Together, Nastya and her grandfather take care of the Shaman. Meanwhile, Sashka, the unlucky admirer of Nastya, calls the police and reports the whereabouts of the Shaman. In Gavrilov's relentless pursuit of the Shaman, he has forgotten about the escaped criminals. The criminals attack Nastya's grandfather's village....
4. Freedom
The Shaman returns to the city and breaks into the police building. He captures Gavrilov and remains with him in the office one on one. Outside, the Colonel and General have been informed of all illegal actions committed by Gavrilov. The Shaman is ultimately declared innocent....