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      Swallowed Star

      Human evolution is the only answer.

      Lost You Forever S2

      Looking forward to seeing you again

      Oh My Two Little Cupids

      A single dad's quest for love

      Perfect World

      Perfect World

      Hand Job Marriage

      Reza Rahadian and Mikha Tambayong's marriage is on the brink.


      A lifetime of misguided love entangled by fate

      Soul Land

      Don't regret entering the Tang Gate in this life

      Lost You Forever S1

      Extremely cruel love of Yang Zi

      Enslaved by Love

      Love Begins and Ends in the Palace

      Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan

      We are both members of the Tang Sect, living in this turbulent world.

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      Joy of Life

      Zhang Ruoyun was trapped in court with a risky life

      Lost You Forever S1

      Extremely cruel love of Yang Zi

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      Who Rules The World

      Suddenly This Summer

      Bai Yu and Bu Guan have 10 years long-distance love

      A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower

      Guo Tao&Yang Zishan expose the scam

      You Are My Glory

      You Are My Glory

      The Untamed

      Starring Xiaozhan and Wangyibo

      The Imperial Coroner

      Female coroner solves cases with conservative lord