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      Lost You Forever S1

      Extremely cruel love of Yang Zi

      Lost You Forever S2

      Looking forward to seeing you again

      Soul Land

      Don't regret entering the Tang Gate in this life

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      An Immortal Falls in Love With a Witch

      Perfect World

      Perfect World

      Enslaved by Love

      Love Begins and Ends in the Palace

      Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan

      We are both members of the Tang Sect, living in this turbulent world.

      Hand Job Marriage

      Reza Rahadian and Mikha Tambayong's marriage is on the brink.

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      Ancient Love Poetry

      Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai deliver unique immortals love.

      Midsummer is Full of Love

      Yang Chaoyue and Timmy Xu's sweet love story.

      Once We Get Married

      Wang Ziqi and Wang Yuwen’s Love from Contrast

      Fox's Summer SS2

      A sweat love story

      You Are My Glory

      You Are My Glory

      The Fox's Summer SS1

      Song Yun and Jiang Chao's Romantic Comedy Love Story