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      The Legend of ShenLi

      2024|Mainland,China|39 एपिसोड|Fantasy · Romance · Story
      Deng Ke
      झाओ ली यिंग
      केनी लिन
      Xin Yunlai
      Zeng Li

      This drama is adapted from the novel with the same name by Jiulu Feixiang. In ancient times, gods fell, leaving only the last deity, Xingzhi. It was said that for tens of thousands of years, Xingzhi had lived alone, devoid of both emotion and desire. During the great war between immortals and demons, he saved the day with his power, and afterwards, he went into seclusion and his whereabouts became a mystery. Hundreds of years passed in the blink of an eye. A political marriage was forced upon Lord Bicang of the Demon Realm on her thousandth birthday. Fleeing from the marriage, ShenLi got beaten back into her phoenix form, wounded, and fell to the human world. During her coma from the severe injuries, a mortal peddler mistook her for a fat chicken, plucked all her feathers, and locked her in a cage for sale. Upon waking, ShenLi was infuriated but was unable to do anything about it. As she hung her head in dejection, a handsome young man happened to pass by. He stared at her thoughtfully for a long time and said with a smile, "I'll take this one." The fate of the two became tightly intertwined through this seemingly casual encounter.

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