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      Trick in Love

      2023|Mainland,China|20 एपिसोड|Romance · Story
      Geyang Lee
      Xu Ziyin
      At a party with much drinking, Mo Suqing, driven by the desire to expose the truth behind her mother's fatal car accident, strategically approaches Ye Zhongjue. She aims to destroy Jueshi Group by his hand. However, she doesn't know that her plan's smooth progression is actually orchestrated by Ye Zhongjue. Mo Suqing, the cunning little white rabbit who switches between good and evil, and Ye Zhongjue, the honest big gray wolf who does the opposite, both approach each other with hidden intentions. They're waiting for the other to fall into this love "trap". Little do they know that in this game of love, they are both each other's prey, but at the same time, they find pure love and redemption.

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