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      Taste humanity at night

      8 एपिसोड

      It will tell the legendary story of the market with food as the opening. Those wildest night snacks are authentic local flavors and the pride of urban culture. Those who are the most presumptuous, show off their unique skills in the dark, and also show their hearts.

      आपके लिए अनुशंसित।


      Wu Zhiji, Breaking the Sky, Moving the Heaven and the Earth


      Hit Team


      It was adapted from the same series of novels as "A Love so Beautiful"


      Painted Skin Romance of Zhu Shengyi and Chen Yilong


      Hatred and Love Between God and Demon


      Grave-Raiders Go to the Underground Palace and Fight Against Three Beasts

      updated to 70

      Everything Has a Boudary but Love and Hatred can't be Limited