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      2022|Mainland,China|Fantasy · Romance · suspense · Action
      Mai Guanzhi
      Merxat Mi
      Lai Yumeng
      Xiao Xiangfei
      Wu Motong
      Shen Feifan

      The story starts when two spirits of the Celestial Emperor, good and evil, have their reincarnation in the mortal world. The good one, reborn as Changsheng, the God of War, can survive even with his heart cut out. The evil one, reborn as Yunhuang, is imprisoned by the King of the Netherworld in the Demon Hell for a hundred years. Every day, he’s tortured by Soul-eating Nail. Conspiracies come one after another, making the two spirits fight against each other. Chenghuang, the divine beast, turns into a pretty young girl to seduce the God of War and kills him for Yunhuang. She cuts out Changsheng’s Clear Heart, only to know that he sacrifices his own heart willingly for the girl he loves. The love between Changsheng, Chenghuang, and Yunhuang is unforgettable and heart-tormenting. It even reveals a love relationship between the Celestial Emperor and Chenghuang a hundred years ago. The seal of the netherworld is removed. When demon soldiers break into the mortal world, people are massacred. What secrets are hidden in the Demon Hell? Can the two spirits survive the calamity in the mortal world and return to the Celestial Emperor?

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