• G
  • 2002
  • 104mins
SubtitlesEnglishStarringSharon CunetaJudy Ann SantosChristopher de LeonDirectorJoel LamanganLiza was married at an early age, with a jobless husband, Mike, their family survives through the support of what her sister gives her. Cita, Liza's sister, is a well renowned doctor who has everything, so giving support to her sister and her family is nothing for her, she even bought them a house across theirs so that their families could spend the years with each other. Liza and Mike has two kids, Marco and Miguel while Cita and her husband Bobby has one named Justin. Tragedy struck when Cita's only son Justin and Liza's son Marco drowned on a trip. Cita blamed Liza for the accident because she failed to keep her word of taking care of her son. Not knowing how to deal with the accident, Cita's life slowly fell apart; her husband left her and her relationship with her sister only worsened. Liza, with a broken relationship with their family supporter, struggles on how to keep her family alive. Eventually her son got sick and in order to keep her son alive, she agreed with the deal to let her sister keep his son in exchange for the one Cita lost. In the end, the sisters reconciled and resolved the past that pushed them apart of each other.