Celebrity On Board

Celebrity On Board

  • TV-G
  • 2017
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMandarin (Simplified)EnglishDirectorWTVA
This Online Music Variety Show is hosted by two famous Taiwan host who are Wing & Biung. Every episode they will invite famous singer, artiste & Youtuber from Taiwan, China & Malaysia as their guest. They will play games, chat & sing with the guest in the car....
Season 1

19 Episodes
Jane Huangnow playing
1. Jane Huang
Jane Huang sings "My Happiness" to her best friend Liang Wen-yin....
Blackie Chen
2. Blackie Chen
Breaking news! Why Blackie doesn't like Christine Fan?...
Wilber Pan
3. Wilber Pan
Charming Wilber Pan sings rap in the car and his performance is stunning!...
Daniel Chezi
4. Daniel Chezi
Listen to the voice of the champion from One Million Star. Daniel Chezi sings "Miss You Tonight" and his singing is marvelous!...
5. Kim
In this episode, we have Kim to sing "Nini", a song written for his daughter. How sweet!...
Jia Jia
6. Jia Jia
Jia Jia is on board! What happened and why Biung wants to quit singing?...
7. Haor
The first guest that sings and plays a song at the same time....
Lara Veronin
8. Lara Veronin
Pretty and cute Lara is here! Why does she fail on a mission 7 times?...
9. Saint
Who was the one that inspired Saint? Let's find out in this episode....
10. Z-Chen
Let's welcome Z-Chen on board! He is going to sing a song in a shop. It's breathtaking....
Daniel Chen, Gino
11. Daniel Chen, Gino
Celebrity On Board is having a twin in the show? What kind of spark will they show?...
Waa Wei
12. Waa Wei
Waa Wei is going to make latte art, but it turns out to be hilarious!...
Xiao Yu
13. Xiao Yu
Let's listen to Xiao Yu's melodious voice and you will get goosebumps for sure....
14. GTM
Boy group GTM is not only good at dancing and singing, but they are good at mimicking, too!...
Daniel Lo
15. Daniel Lo
Daniel Lo is here with his astonishing performance....
Maggie Chiang
16. Maggie Chiang
Maggie Chiang collaborates with Biung to heal your broken heart....
Valen Hsu
17. Valen Hsu
Valen Hsu is here. Is this a dream?...
Miu Chu
18. Miu Chu
Here's come the great singer! She is going to challenge the most difficult mission in the show....
19. Bii
Talented and charming idol with 6 packs is here. Biung can't help but attracted to Bii....