The People's Queen

The People's Queen

  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesEnglishStarringCecilio AsuncionVoltaire TayagNikita McLeroyKatrina DimarananKatarina RodriguezMichelle ThorlundJennifer LevyDirectorGlenn Meehan
What happens when you bring 5 pageant hopefuls to live in a mansion for 6 weeks with 2 over-the-top pageant coaches? While we all know it takes a village to create a beauty queen, Cece Asuncion and Voltaire Tayag set out to shape The People’s Queen!...
Season 1

8 Episodes
The Beauties and the Besties
1. The Beauties and the Besties
Cece and Voltaire meet the 5 pageant hopefuls they’ll be training at TPQ mansion. Will the coaches or trainees be the first to crack?...
Miss Inner Beauty Pageant
2. Miss Inner Beauty Pageant
Motivational speaker Lina Bradford visits to inspire the hopefuls, as they get schooled by runway, hair & make-up and personal style coaches....
Move that Body
3. Move that Body
Cece brings in his two top Slay Models to teach the women the art of posing, as they are also coached by movement and dance trainer, Valentino....
To date or not to date
4. To date or not to date
Body positivity activist Cera Byer teach the women how to bootypop, as Cece and Voltaire get ready to assess the ladies’ progress....
The Pageant Bombshell
5. The Pageant Bombshell
A spiritual guru helps the ladies deal with their emotions as Cece drops the impending graduation pageant bombshell, shocking the hopefuls....
Who’s the back-up dancer?
6. Who’s the back-up dancer?
The ladies get a lesson from renowned dialect coach Gin Hammond, while tensions mount as the hopefuls continue to prepare for the pageant....
The Day Before the Pageant
7. The Day Before the Pageant
The ladies have polished their performances the night before, however Cece and Voltaire worry about one of the girls’ capabilities on stage....
The Pageant Graduation
8. The Pageant Graduation
Cece and Voltaire welcome back guest trainers, family and friends of the 5 hopefuls as the ladies take part on their graduation pageant....